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Ramping up for the release of Walk a Mile: Giveaways Galore!

Ramping up for the release of Walk a Mile: Giveaways Galore!

UnspeakableWordscoverToday I got the galley proofs for Walk a Mile, which means I’m in the final stages of the editing process–yay! I am anxiously awaiting my first glimpse at the cover–I know it will be fantastic!  I’ve been fortunate to have the best names in the business create covers for me: Paul Richmond, Reese Dante, Ann Cain… I know that whatever the artist comes up with will be marvelous, but it’s a bit like…

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The Difference between Being Depressed and Having Depression

The Difference between Being Depressed and Having Depression

Sad Man_flickrLike many people around the world, I was shocked and heartbroken over the news that Robin Williams was found dead in his home yesterday, probably as the result of suicide. It’s well-known that this brilliant actor and comic genius had battled substance abuse problems and severe depression for most of his life, and yet the news still stunned. It was as though someone punched you in the gut and…

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please listen to this and watch this gif it’s very important

I literally cannot believe someone added tag meta to this I’m really proud

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A big Steve/Bucky artwork that required a looot of work (I stopped counting after 40 hours to be honest). I know, I know, canon wise it doesn’t make any sense. Let’s just say that it’s the big second Chitauri attack of 2014 (it totally happened…*cough*)

Bonus: Bucky’s Instagram.

(Photoshop CS6 - Painter 12) - A big thank you to Beccj for the English beta ♥

All of this is brilliant, but the instagram comments are sheer genius.

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Comedic TV Characters that Crushed LGBT Stereotypes

Comedic TV Characters that Crushed LGBT Stereotypes


The following is a guest post from the adult store, Adam and Eve.

The plot of the upcoming series finale of Two and a Half Menhas been reveled. Like any long-running series, fans are eager to see how the show is wrapped up. So how are they planning on bringing the story full-circle? With a gay wedding. Walden (Ashton Kutcher) finds that the only way he can adopt a child is if…

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