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Comedic TV Characters that Crushed LGBT Stereotypes

Comedic TV Characters that Crushed LGBT Stereotypes


The following is a guest post from the adult store, Adam and Eve.

The plot of the upcoming series finale of Two and a Half Menhas been reveled. Like any long-running series, fans are eager to see how the show is wrapped up. So how are they planning on bringing the story full-circle? With a gay wedding. Walden (Ashton Kutcher) finds that the only way he can adopt a child is if…

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Tougher Than You Think You Are…

Tougher Than You Think You Are…

Rosie the RiveterI’m not one typically given to having epiphanies.

My shifts in perspective tend not to come in a sudden toppling of brick and mortar, allowing me to see a path that was previously closed to me. I don’t usually pop up crying ‘Eureka!’ at a radical alteration of thought patterns. Things are more likely to percolate through my subconscious, rising slowly to the surface where they occasionally escape…

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The Sound of My People: The Equal Rights Blog Hop

The Sound of My People: The Equal Rights Blog Hop

equal_rights_blog_hop_buttonWelcome to the Equal Rights Blog Hop! Each year, members of the the GLBTQ community and their supporters gather to celebrate the battle for equal rights. This year, thirty different authors have joined in the hop, and there are prizes galore! Be sure to check out the entire prize list at Queertown Abbey and see how you can enter to win the rafflecopter–as well as the Master List of Participating…

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Why “Frozen” Embodies Everything the GOP Fears Most

Why “Frozen” Embodies Everything the GOP Fears Most

Frozen_GOT Mashup

Frozen_GOT Mashup

Okay, so this isn’t the first time I’ve written about the movie Frozen. The first time was with delight, to share how much this movie resonated with me and how much I identified with Elsa, always hiding who she really was for the good of her people, to please her parents, for intentions well-meant but ultimately wrong for her. The second time I postedabout it was in response to…

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